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The role of UNDP (and the UN) in Botswana is shaped by the status of the country as an upper middle income country. Botswana has reached a relatively high level of infrastructure development, is well-resourced and able to fund most of its developmental needs. However, Botswana requires best practices, high-quality policy advice on how best to respond to challenges associated with its middle-income status, including widening inequalities and disparities, persistent poverty among population groups, and climate change and natural disaster risks.

We draw on the collective global assets of the organisation and global expertise and best practice to provide technical expertise, exchange of knowledge and capacity development, based on international best practice, and will support innovative approaches to human and social development issues and implementation of global normative standards.


Our Goals

UNDP is working with the Government of Botswana, academia, civil society, private sector national partners and Batswana to help find solutions to persistent and emerging development challenges. We continue to provide policy advisory and capacity building services, technical expertise, and knowledge in areas of environment and energy, poverty reduction and economic development, governance and human rights including HIV and AIDS.

UNDP's priority in a middle-income country like Botswana is to work in support of the government to achieve its priorities and aspirations as identified in development plans and visions and as outlined in agreements like the UNDAF and UNDAF Action Plan.

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