UNDP Botswana Annual Report 2013/2014

Published on 06 Jul 2014 44 pages

Following the mid-term review of both the 10th National Development Plan (NDP10) and the Government of Botswana-UN Programme Operation Plan (GoB-UN POP) in 2012, UNDP Botswana began the year 2013 with a common vision together with other UN agencies working in the country. We focused our interventions on providing evidence-based support to policy formulation, implementing key interventions as well as developing strategies aimed at eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities, improving public service delivery and addressing the HIV and AIDS epidemic, promoting local economic development, sustainable utilization of natural resources and safeguarding the country against the negative impacts of climate change. 

Although evidence shows that our support keeps yielding successes as captured in this report, we believe there is still a lot more that we can do and must do to ensure that more people have access to justice, opportunities are created for more women and youth to participate in development processes and the HIV and AIDS profile in the development discourse is raised even higher. This report highlights some of the interventions and initiatives implemented during the year 2013 and our commitment to continued support to the government and people of Botswana in 2014 and beyond. 

2013 priority areas

  • Promotion of the evidence based research that inform policy intervention aimed at reducing incidences of poverty.
  • Development of the climate change policy and implementation plan, and National Strategy for Sustainable Development.
  • Development of a Poverty Eradication Policy/Strategy.
  • Implementation of the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) on maternal health.

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