UN Botswana Joint Resource Mobilization Strategy 2013-2016

10 Jan 2014

The Strategy presents us with options for mobilizing resources and partnerships in  support of the GoB-UN POP. The options call new partnerships in others, and innovation in others, all with a focus not just on money but deployed towards the realization of GoB-UN POP objectives. The strategy calls on us to combine creativity and emerging lessons and practices from across the globe to find locally applicable solutions. We are challenged to
work with new partners.

We are also challenged to rethink, how the UN relates to the Government to focus on what the UN brings to the partnership – technical capacity and global experiences – and the extent to which the funding of access to such
expertise and experience can be shared between the UN and the Government of Botswana. While the dialogue on such cost-sharing is new, it is not about experiences that Botswana does not have.

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