Improving efficiency and accountability of public oversight institutions through capacity building

Project description

The project is intended to strengthen capacities of selected oversight institutional which include the National Assembly, Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, Office of the Auditor General  and the Office of the Ombudsman  to perform their oversight roles independently, efficiently and effectively. The to be attained through assessing capacity strengthening needs of National Assembly (NA); supporting capacity development of Research Unit of the NA; supporting public education campaign on role and mandate of Ombudsman; developing and supporting strategy to strengthen capacity of Ombudsman; reviewing and strengthening capacity for civil society engagement with GoB; strengthening capacity of the DCEC; supporting preparation and implementation of the Code of Conduct on Anti Corruption  in the Private Sector; developing  broader framework for Customer Satisfaction Survey and undertaking the  surveys;  supporting implementation of e-governance  strategy in Botswana and supporting development of implementation strategy as well as monitoring and evaluation framework for the National Development Plan 10 (NDP10) and supporting development and initiation of M&E framework for NDP10.

Project accomplisment

The National Strategy Office in Botswana has completed a Public Service Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey has identified priority areas which are necessary to improve productivity and service delivery.  The results are used to design strategies to improve services and to bridge capacity gaps in the public service.Botswana Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Corruption Perception Survey has been completed and it’s under review by the Government of Botswana.

Project funding and implementation

The project is funded through cost sharing arrangement between UNDP (Core Resources) and Government of Botswana .It is implemented in partnership with Botswana Public Service College, Vision 2016 Secretariat, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Office of the President , Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, Botswana Association of Local Authorities, National Assembly, Public Procurement Assets Disposal Board (PPADB0, National Strategy Office.

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