Strengthening national capacity for disaster risk reduction

Project description

The aim of the project is to strengthen capacities, systems and mechanisms at al levels for disaster risk reduction through development of a multi sectoral Strategic National Action Plan. Other key deliverable for the project include; capacity building of all the District level stakeholders on the implementation of DRR and evaluations of the strategy and plan.

Project accomplisment

A National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy for 2013 – 2018 has been completed. Its aim is to; establish and incorporate the foundational guiding arrangements for disaster risk reduction in the country;to increase awareness and knowledge of disaster risk reduction methods and opportunities;to inform the legal and institutional basis for efficient disaster risk reduction planning and implementation;to contribute towards the inclusion of disaster risk reduction into development policy, programmes and projects;to establish a strategic platform for public-private-sector co-operation in disaster risk reduction;to contribute to community resilience against the threats and effects of disasters.

Project funding and implementation

The project is funded through cost sharing arrangement between UNDP and Government of Botswana.

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