Collective action on HIV/AIDS is key to addressing the pandemic.

The Government of Botswana (GoB) has initiated policies and organizational changes to facilitate a multi-sectoral, human rights-based, gender-sensitive response to HIV and AIDS in the context of increasing epidemic-related capacity.

Our support aims at;

  • Strengthening national institutions in the coordination and governance of national and decentralized AIDS responses;
  • Developing multi-sectoral and prioritized national AIDS strategies and action plans, with a particular focus on effectively linking the broader development and MDG efforts and integrating attention to human rights, gender equality, women and girls, and sexual diversity; and
  • Applied research on the socio-economic impact of HIV and AIDS. 

We support the Government of Botswana in its efforts to prevent the further spread of infection and to curb the impact of the epidemic through support for capacity building in the areas of policy development, institutional strengthening, and the improvement of service delivery systems.

Capacity development efforts have focused on both central and district-level interventions. In keeping with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for 2010-2014, we will continue to focus on capacity strengthening for community capacity enhancement, leadership development, and addressing the special vulnerability of girls and women through mainstreaming gender and AIDS in sector mandates and selective support to the National Action Plan on Women, Girls and HIV and AIDS.

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