Sep 10, 2015

Participants at the training in Kasane(Photo:UNDP Botswana/Onalenna Rammekwa)

UNDP Botswana Environment and Climate Change Unit conducted a 3 day training in Kasane from the 7-9th September for the government of Botswana through Ministry of Environment, wildlife and Tourism. The training was necessitated by the challenges facing the environment sector in terms of understanding different regulatory instruments, standards, compliance and enforcement mechanisms.
The training was led by Dr. Koboto the UNDP Environment and Climate Change Specialist, administratively assisted by the Environment unit staff.  The participants of the training were from the MWET and MLGRD, represented by different departments such as DEA, DWNP, DNMM, DFRR, WUC, Energy Affairs, Mines and District Councils.
Training workshop objective was to build capacity for relevant regulatory authorities dealing with matters relating to environmental management, environmental compliance and enforcement in order to ensure enhanced environmental protection and governance in Botswana.
This has been done by way of exposing the participants to the global insights and environmental management principles and legal imperatives following from statutes, and court precedence’s and on-going environmental, civil and criminal cases.
The main thematic areas explored in the training were: Understanding the Botswana legal environment, the Rules of natural justice, criminal responsibility, characteristics of environment management frameworks and Drafting of Documents (compliance notices, responses and permits).
Approach used to deliver the training:
The training was designed to provide both conceptual understanding of the 5 theme which are as follows:
1) Legal Frameworks System and Processes and structures
2) Constitution of Botswana (Summary, Scope and Exceptions)
3) Environmental Governance Agreements (International and Regional)
4) Introduction to Statutory Interpretation
5) Environmental Governance Agreements (International and regional)

UNDP will conduct compliance trainings in Maun on the 28-30th October 2015 and a follow up training will also be carried out in 2016

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