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Botswana Gender Based Violence Indicators Study

Gender Based Violence Indicators Study Botswana

Nov 18, 2013

The Gender Based Violence (GBV) Indicators Botswana study provides shocking statistics on the prevalence of gender based violence in the country. Almost 70% of the women interviewed had experienced GBV at least once in their lifetime. Nearly 30% experienced violence over the last year. We can extrapolate that more than 200 000 women had their rights violated at the very moment that we are working towards attaining human rights for all.

However, one of the most shocking statistics in this report is that the prevalence rate, as established through the first ever GBV prevalence and attitude survey, is 24 times higher than the number of cases reported to the Police over the last year! Successful conviction rate of GBV cases viewed against this overall figure is less than one percent (1%) of GBV experienced.


  • Only 1.2% of Batswana women reported cases of GBV to the police
  • About three in every five women (62%) experienced violence in an intimate relationships.
  • About 30% of women experienced while 22.4% of men perpetrated GBV in the 12 months before the survey.

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