Botswana’s Vision 2036 Launched, UNDP Provides High End Quality Support

Sep 30, 2016

Botswana’s transformative blueprint, Vision 2036, was launched by the President, Lt. General Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama at the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary on 30 September 2016. It succeeds Vision 2016, set in 1996. A framework for “Achieving Prosperity for All,” Vision 2036 will spur Botswana towards high income status by 2036. It is set on the principles and pillars of sustainable development, enabling Botswana to build resilience as it pursues its development agenda.
Vision 2036 is informed by a highly consultative, analytical and learning process led by a Presidential Task Team (PTT) compromising of stakeholders from all segments of society. The PTT engaged in a countrywide dialogue with Batswana to understand their aspirations and needs, ensuring that the Vison is encapsulates their perspectives.
UNDP was instrumental in the drafting of Vison 2036, providing high end quality support to Botswana as part of the Vision’s core team. Other UN Botswana agencies also played a crucial role during the development of Vision 2036, with UNICEF convening the Children’s’ Parliament from all 16 districts and UNFPA facilitating engagement with the gender sector during the consultative process.
UNDP is proud to have supported a process leading to a high end document that shapes the future of the country, and that is informed by the people, a document that compliments the Sustainable Development Goals, striving to leave no one behind and ensuring that Botswana’s prosperity is shared by all. UNDP also sees Vision 2036 as appropriately set to address the country’s vulnerability to man-made and natural shocks, including climate change, and that enables the country to move beyond a minerals driven economy while addressing persistent poverty and high inequality among other challenges.

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