Ngamiland Sustainable Land Management Project (NSLMP) and the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) facilitates demonstration of Ear Tagging for Haina Veld Farmers Association

May 8, 2017

The Ngamiland Sustainable Land Management Project (NSLMP) in collaboration with Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) facilitated a demonstration of Ear Tagging for Haina Veld Farmers Association at Phenyo Ranch, owned by Mr G. E. Sekeletu. The event started off with welcome remarks by the host, Mr Sekeletu. The District Agricultural Coordinator, Mr Obert Mabutha officially opened the event. In his opening remarks, Mr Mabutha expressed gratitude at the alliance between his Ministry, the Ngamiland SLM Project and the Farmers. The Project Coordinator for the Ngamiland SLM Project, Mr Innocent L. Magole made a presentation on Holistic Land and Livestock Management. He said Farmers must first and foremost focus on the range, then supervise their livestock 24/7 to manage the range. This would allow the range to have a high stocking rate of up to eight hectares per Livestock Unit (8Ha/LSU) instead of the current 16Ha/LSU. Dr Odireleng Tholowane made a presentation on Beef Measles and their prevention. He said both Farmers and the Beef industry as whole incur great loses due to Beef Measles. Good sanitation (using toilets, washing hands after using the toilet etc) can easily prevent Beef Measles.

The main activity for the day was to teach and demonstrate how to ear tag livestock. Dr Patience B. Sedupelela started by making a presentation on the Botswana Animal Information Traceability System (BAITS). Dr Sedupelela said a lot of complaints come to her office as farmers reported that Taggers where not always available, Taggers complained about farmers failing to round up livestock, Lack of transport etc. She said some Farmers then requested to be trained hence the event. She said the importance of Tagging includes; a) Animal identification, b) Meeting the market demands, c) Trace back-trace forward system and d) Record keeping. Thereafter Farmers went to the cattle crush for demonstration of ear tagging. Farmers then took turns on ear tagging cattle.

At the end of the event, Mr Maphane gave a vote of thanks. He applauded the joint efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ngamiland SLM Project that will certainly elevate the Beef industry in Ngamiland. He also applauded Mr Sekeletu, the owner of Phenyo Ranch for having availed his farm and cattle for the demonstration. A total of one hundred and twenty Farmers attended the event.


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