UNDP Botswana holds three day SDP training facilitated by experts from UNDP Pakistan

Aug 15, 2018

Trainers from UNDP Pakistan, AKbar Durrani (holding microphone) and Kashef Sehgal (behind with folded arms) facilitated the training

The UNDP Botswana recently held a three days training for shortlisted Business Development Consultants on the Supplier Development Methodology (SDM) from the 7th - 9th August 2018 in Gaborone, Botswana. The training was conducted by experts from UNDP Pakistan who have a vast experience on successful implementation of the SDP Methodology in Pakistan and having assisted, besides Botswana, Kenya and Nigeria too. The consultants’ training rolls over a 3month period, after which successful ones will be certified as SDM Consultants. A total of 30 Batswana consultants were trained. This is according to the SDP Project Manager, Ms Boitumelo Mbaakanyi

The objective of the course is to train the consultants on the Supplier Development Methodology to be able to assist qualifying SMEs, who supply goods and services to larger entities, in increasing their productivity and efficiency. The overall targeted result is for these SMEs to create more jobs, be more profitable and viable and hence increasing their sustainability

The local consultants are highly experienced and were selected based on their expertise across the five core sectors of the Supplier Development Programme (SDP) being; Mining, Agro-Processing, Projects (Infrastructure), Leather, and Textile. Extensive experience in the business development space also counted high amongst the selection criteria of consultants.

Speaking in an interview at the training, the SDP Project Manager confidently shared that “with the high caliber of local consultants on board, we have no doubt of a professional and smooth implementation of the Business SDP which is being rolled out for the 1st time in Botswana by the UNDP”. She added that expectations are that the consultants will apply the SDP methodology in an effective and timely manner.
“I expect them to boost the development and transformation of the Botswana private sector”

For his part the UNDP Pakistan’s Youth Employment & Private Sector Specialist, Mr Akbar Durrani said that the SDM was a success in a number of countries including his country Pakistan. Citing some success stories that are attributed to the rollout of the project in Pakistan, Durrani said that the Handicraft Company Zarkun is one of their pride and joy. The company, he said, has engaged 270 homebased women who specialize in art and crafts, thereby improving their household income by 15%. Durrani further stated that by engaging these small businesses Zarkun Handicrafts has also benefited as they have saved 20% on the production costs. Lastly, he encouraged the consultants to focus on the training and ensure best results

For their part, the participants were elated with the opportunity they were granted by the UNDP Botswana through this training and indeed being shortlisted for the programme. One of the local consultants, Mr Mokenti Raborokgwe, who is the Managing Director of UniProjects (Pty) Ltd, said that he was optimistic about the programme adding that he is foreseeing great opportunities for SMEs, as a result of the project. “We as consultants are change agents and the UNDP is equipping us with the tools to rollout the requisite change plan,” the optimistic Raborokgwe added.

In conclusion the SDP Project Manager, Mbaakanyi said that there will be a stringent monitoring process of consultants at two levels of pre-certification and post certification.   Mbaakanyi also expressed her contentment at the success of the training which she said was evident in the robust interactions and engagement between the trainers and the trainees.

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