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The Minister of Health and Wellness will continue to update the nation about the status of the pandemic both locally and globally. Please keep yourself informed daily.

For essential and factual messages to eliminate fear and stigma around the disease, follow the UNDP Botswana, Botswana Government and Covid-19_Mohw pages on Facebook. The @UNDP_Botswana @UN_Botswana twitter timelines, UNDP Botswana & UN websites will also provide regular updates on awareness and prevention. Take time to browse through the several advisories available. Please also follow WHO website.

Public education and information dissemination on COVID-19 by the Government will also be done through bulletins, leaflets, public notices amongst others.

Please note that social media is now circulating many unproven ‘cures’ and some of these are dangerous, while many are pointless. Do not repost or like news which comes from unverified sources, or make sure you do some fact-checking. See such myths in the F&A section below
Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)

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